Sometimes I find the web overwhelming. I think it’s awesome that I can Google anything and usually find the answer. However, I find sometimes that I can’t focus. When I’m trying to pick a project or accomplish something there’s simply TOO MUCH INFORMATION and TOO MANY OPTIONS!  So I wanted to dedicate a section of my site to list things I’ve used and give my personal feedback on them, all relating to my site somehow.  I find it so much easier to rely on someone else who has worked through the same thing than to sift through everything online to make decisions. As always, if you have a question just email me or reach out over social media to ask!

Every item on this page is something I’ve personally used myself.

Knit/Crochet Books

I’ve used this book to teach myself double knitting (it’s really cool!) and become better at knitting colourwork.

This one is still helping me understand the different types of yarn. I searched a lot for the right book on this subject and this has been the perfect one!

This book has been VITAL to me understanding how to finish garments. Something I’ll never be perfect at!

I’m a visual learner and this really helped me understand knitting.

This one helped me learn knitting from start to finish. It’s a beautiful book.

Craft Supplies

Crochet hooks are totally reasonably priced, but when I got into knitting I was SHOCKED at the number of permutations of needles I needed to make things I wanted to make! Circulars, Double-pointed needles, straight needles, cable needles, all in various sizes. Crazy! So I started collecting different sets, including these ones:



Here are some blogs that really inspired me to craft, keep a nice home and/or start my own space online!

Books and Products

This book is so inspiring, with practical steps!

This hasn’t helped me declutter my stash (it sparks joy!) but the concepts helped me get my home more organized for sure. 😉

This may sound weird, but I love crisply folded clothes. I bought this and even my little ones love folding with it!


Are you thinking of starting a blog or hosting your own site? Read my blog post about it here, and see below for a quick guide to resources I used.

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