Winter Bowtie Headband

Winter is coming and what better way to keep warm than this knit headband?  Check out my free pattern!


A co-worker of mine wanted to order a headband in a few colours.  She showed me a couple pictures of what she liked and I fiddled around with the stitches until I found something I liked.  I wanted some ridges in it and remembered making some mock cables that were great in the Double Rib Toddler Hat by Torunn Espe.  I was inspired to use the mock cables in this headband.


  • 6.5 mm knitting needles (straight, DPNs or circulars would work!)
  • Worsted Weight yarn (I used Bernat Super Value and Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids for mine)
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Crochet Hook (optional – for seams, I used a 4mm hook)

Note, you may want to use a smaller needle size if you want to have tighter stitches.


The headband is worked with garter stitch panels on the sides and middle and 2 stripes of mock cables.
Note: When I do a m1, I do a yo from the back of the needle to the front.  But you can do whatever m1 you prefer!

CO 16
Setup row: k across
Row 1: k4, (p2, k4) twice
Row 2: k4, (k1, m1, k1, k4) twice
Row 3: k4, (p3, k4) twice
Row 4: k4, (sl st, k2, pull sl st off right needle over the two knitted st, k4) twice
Repeat Rows 1-4 another 17 times (18 repeats total)
Bind off, either using a 3 needle bind off with right sides together to seam
Bind off while knitting all st leaving a long tail, then hold right sides together and use the crochet hook to sc across both ends to create the seam

Turn right side out.

Bow Band

CO 6
Knit 10 rows in stockinette (k right sides, p wrong sides)
Loop over the headband with wrong side facing, covering the headband seam.
Seam across to form a loop, either with the 3 needle bind off or a standard bind off with an crocheted sc seam.

Flip right side out and place over the seam of the headband, shaping the headband by pinching the mock cable rows together.

Optionally you can stitch the bow band in place so it doesn’t slide away from covering the seam of the headband.


Please feel free to make and sell items made from this pattern, but please link back to my post if you do. Please do not copy my pattern and claim it as your own, or publish the pattern elsewhere without permission. Happy crafting!

Link to pattern on Ravelry: Winter Bowtie Headband
Share your project photos!!


  1. Mary Clark

    What is the finished length of the headband before seaming?


    1. homemadebygiggles

      Hi Mary – my finished rectangle was 16″ long x 4″ wide. Hope that helps!


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