Temperature Blanket – August Summary

I know, I know, this post is LATE.  September is almost over!  But I finally got some time to work on this.  My plan to do a row a night has not panned out well, since we got a new puppy and it’s like having a baby all over again!

You can see all my posts about this project here.  As a reminder, the concept of my temperature blanket is to use the average local temperature in the 24-hour period of each day to determine the colour of the row for that day.  My colour chart is below for reference.

August was pretty stable with the temperature – I had a streak of 10 rows of the same colour, which I think was a record for the blanket!  All in all, I like having the thicker bands of the same colour because last month was kind of all over the place with switching colours.  At least there are less ends to weave in.

Here is a close up of just August’s rows:

Enjoy all the pics below… hopefully September’s update will be more timely!  I’ll need to add another leaf to my table…

Happy Crafting!

See all the blog posts for this project here: http://www.homemadebygiggles.com/category/temperature-blanket/

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  1. Susan

    I love the stitch you used on the weather temp project… Do you have a pattern to share or a link for this,stitch or just the name of it would be helpful.
    Thank you


    1. homemadebygiggles

      Hi Susan, thanks so much! It’s called the Moss Stitch (or sometimes Linen Stitch)!


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