Golden Pear Knit Hat

I get a lot of Moms asking me to recommend a hat pattern for baby boys.  Something totally cute and classic, but also manly!  This FREE pattern is my go-to for little baby dudes!

Isn’t this hat classic?  Pattern details are below (it’s FREE!!) So many colour combinations, and the nice thing about it is that the colourwork is pretty easy.  I’m a self-taught intermediate-level knitter (at best), and I’m not great a knitting colourwork yet, but this one is simple because you carry the yarn and alternate colours.

There’s one trick though – leave a lot of slack when you’re doing the colour work, otherwise it will be too tight in the blended sections.

There are so many great colour combinations.  I love having white or cream in the middle but imagine how it would look with a 3-colour gradient?


Check out the amazing FREE pattern online here:

Ravelry: Golden Pear (check out the amazing projects made with this pattern here)

Website: Viridian Hue Golden Pear

I use worsted weight yarn, typically Bernat Super Value, it doesn’t take much so it’s a great project for stash busting yarn scraps!  You don’t have to put the little blip on the top if you don’t want to, but I personally think it’s adorable!


I knit a bit bigger than gauge, so I usually use 3.75mm for the ribbing and 4.5mm for the hat.  I tend to use long circular needles (there’s a great blog about this technique here) so I don’t have to switch to DPNs at the end.  For 0-6 month hats I remove 16 st from the cast on, and for 6-12 month I remove 8 st from the cast on.  I find using the full 64 st cast on gives me a hat that fits ages 1-3.

Check out more pics below!

Happy crafting!