Round Dishcloths – Teacher Gifts!

Sometimes time just DISAPPEARS.  Especially when you’re a parent.  Although I did a decent amount of planning ahead, I still ended up doing a last minute scramble for some teacher gifts.  Luckily, I keep a stash of cotton yarn on hand and figured something out… read on for more details!

Parenting… means gifts.  I love giving gifts to important people in my children’s lives.  I mean really, they’re literally helping shape my children, whether they are school teachers, sports coaches, dance teachers, bus drivers,  librarians, neighbours… doesn’t matter!  I can’t be with them 100% of the time so I think it’s important to thank those who are there helping them develop.

But sometimes it feels like a LOT.  Especially at Christmas, and end of school time.  This year was my daughter’s first year of elementary school (Junior Kindergarten – age 4/5).  There were so many people to think about – teachers, assistants in the classroom, principal, librarian, music teacher, math teacher, lunch supervisors, grade 8 buddies, bus driver, after school teachers… where do you draw the line?

I had a big plan and ordered stuff (off Etsy, of course!) in advance to cover everyone I could think of that I wanted to give something special to who takes part in my daughter’s development.  And then, all of a sudden, my son’s daycare moved him up into the bigger kid’s room – I only had a couple of days notice!  His toddler room teachers taught my daughter too and I am super sad to say goodbye to them.

Anyways… in a scramble, I realized with 1 day left that I had nothing for them.  And trust me, they deserved a MEDAL for potty training my kids, teaching them to share and listen… not to mention the hundreds (thousands?) of my kid’s diapers they changed!  I knew I had to come up with something awesome.

Then I remembered I had a connection to a very talented local soap maker through a work colleague.  She was able to send me some soaps immediately for me to package up with these dishcloths I whipped up out of some cotton I had kicking around.  My kiddos did some drawing on the bags and PRESTO!  Personal, locally-made amazing gifts!


Check out the FABULOUS Rainbow Craftworks on Facebook here.  These smell, feel and look AMAZING!!


For my 3 dishcloths, I used a cotton yarn.  2 (pink and white) were made with Lily Sugar n Cream yarn from Yarnspirations.  The 3rd variegated one is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, also by Yarnspirations.  Note I got this several years ago so the shade may be discontinued – it was an Organics blend.

So, I eyeballed the pattern based on a picture.  I’m sure items made from the actual pattern would look even better!
Pattern is on Etsy through A State of Grace, check out her shop here:

Happy crafting!


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