Temperature Blanket – June Summary

June is already done! That means 2017 is half done, and so is my temperature blanket! Check out my June round-up in this post.

You can see all my posts about this project here.  As a reminder, the concept of my temperature blanket is to use the average local temperature in the 24-hour period of each day to determine the colour of the row for that day.  My colour chart is below for reference.

The main story of June… HEAT!  I finally was able to use the 12th (and last) colour on my blanket, yay!  It takes a lot of heat to have a full day average of over 24 degrees C because the nights in Southwestern Ontario are chilly.  Overall, I don’t love the greens nearly as much as I loved the blues… I wish there was a light orange or something to ease into the red but I could only find a pumpkin colour and didn’t like how it looked.

Here’s a snippet from my working spreadsheet, which pulls the average temperatures and formats them according to the colour.

The blanket is just over 8 feet wide and is now 5 feet long, meaning it should be 10 feet long when it’s finished at the end of December.  Pretty huge, not sure what I’m going to do with it… but it’s going to be so amazing!


I’m loving the progression over time – it’s very obvious that it goes from cold to warm to hot.  I’m excited to see what fall will look like!

Photo dump!

Happy Crafting!

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