Granny Ripple Bedspread

There’s nothing more fun than a bright and cheerful blanket!  Check out the details in this post.

My daughter wanted something bright and cheerful for her room.  Now, her room is already REALLY bright and cheerful – it’s pink and purple with princess stuff everywhere, including a castle decal above her bed!  But I figured a light blanket would be a good idea for her bed.

I’ve always wanted to try a granny ripple.  I remember my Mum and Aunt making these blankets when I was a young kid, and I loved them.  But in all my years crocheting I had never actually made one!  Perfect opportunity.  I knew immediate a Caron Cake type yarn would be great for this.  It’s colourful and it does colour-blocking for you.

For this project I used 5 Caron Cakes in the colour Mixed Berry (383 yds per skein, so approx 1900 yds total) and a 6mm crochet hook to achieve the size of blanket to fit a double/full bed.  Overall it took around 12 hours to make – it works up quickly!

The pattern I used is the Granny Ripple by the Crochet Crowd.  Now, I just used the chart, but I’m sure the video tutorial is amazing as well!  I did a ch 182 to make 10 chevrons across.

This is a simple and beautiful project.  I’ve seen tons of work done in Caron Cakes (check out my tag for other blog posts!) and this pattern is definitely one of my favourites to use.  I didn’t try to line up the colours or colour pattern between balls, I simply let it flow!

Happy Crafting!