Temperature Blanket – May Summary

A few days late, but here is my summary for May for the 2017 temperature blanket, check out lots of photos below!

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So the big story of May was how mild it was!  The lowest temperature was 4 degrees celcius and the highest was a whopping 23 degrees!  That’s the red row… to be honest, I’m not in love with how the red looks overall with the rest of the colours but hopefully once summer starts there will be lots of red and that will change my mind!  As a reminder, I’m doing a row a day with the row colour based on the average temperature for the 24-hour period.  Here is my colour chart for reference:

So this month has been busy, both at my full time job and with the family at home.  I didn’t do a single row of this blanket until May 30!  Typically I had been doing one row/night.  The size of the blanket is intimidating – and in the heat it’s hard to get motivated to work on a giant blanket!

May is definitely the most drastic change month over month.

The coolest part is seeing the transition of the seasons.  Of course, how it looks depends on your colour selection, but I’ve been lucky so far to have all the colours represent the season pretty well.  Here’s a breakdown of the sections of blanket, month over month:

January February March April May


Check out all the pics below!  Looking forward to June and the official start of summer!

Happy Crafting!

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