Chunky Knit Blanket

Read on to see tons of pics of this huge chunky knit blanket!  Extreme knitting is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


This blanket is a wedding gift for a very special person… my sister-in-law is getting married!  I wanted to make her something special.  Don’t worry, she’s seen it.  I can’t contain my excitement about things like this!  We picked out the colours, size and style together and yesterday I was able to whip it up!


  • 5 kg of 24-micron merino roving (check out my blog post with sourcing info here)
  • 40mm knitting needles (check out my blog post about that here)
  • An empty, clean floor space


I wanted to make it the width of a King sized bed and then as long as I could with my 1 giant ball.  The overall dimensions I made was ~6.5′ x ~3.5′.  I swatched first, of course, to figure out the right size, and ended up casting on a very loose 34 stitches using one of my giant knitting needles.

I worked a 2×2 rib by laying the blanket across the floor and used my hands to knit instead of the knitting needles.  Don’t get me wrong – they work great!  But they’re awkward and make my muscles hurt!  Trust me, “extreme knitting” is a full body workout.  Overall it took about 2 hours to make.

Check out the pics below!  And happy crafting!

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