Temperature Blanket – April Summary

I’m so excited to write that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  Check out my progress on the 2017 temperature blanket below.  You can see all my posts about this project here.

So the story of April is obviously the warmer temperatures.  I have love the way the cooler temps have blended together and was worried about the warmer colours.  But seeing these mixes of light blue and the greens has been amazing to watch!  This is my first real season change since I started the blanket in January.  I got well into the greens, and quite close to my first yellow row!  As a reminder, I’m doing a row a day with the row colour based on the average temperature for the 24-hour period.  Here is my colour chart for reference:

I’m using a 7.0mm hook so it’s nice and loose, and Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids.  I’ve gone through several balls already and this yarn has been amazingly easy to get the centre pull going!

Overall, after 4 months (1/3 of the way done!) it measures 42″ long.  It’s going to for sure be big enough to cover my King sized bed, and likely more than 10 feet long total.  So it’s probably UNREASONABLY long, but I knew that getting into it.  You may recall my indecisiveness over the size when trying to plan how often to do a row.

For those interested, each row takes me ~7 minutes, which means a month is ~3.5 hours of crocheting.  I originally was doing one row per night diligently, but lately I have so many other projects on the go that I doing a week’s worth at a time.  I’m still totally in love with this project.

Here’s a screenshot of my workbook for the month:

Here’s a snapshot of the months; bottom is the 1st day of the month and top is the last day.

Check out the photos below – it is becoming very hard to take photos as the blanket is officially bigger than my photo box!  I’ll have to start taking pics on a bed or a table instead for the next month… maybe with better lighting!

Happy Crafting!

See all the blog posts for this project here: http://www.homemadebygiggles.com/category/temperature-blanket/

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