Temperature Blanket – March Summary

As much as clichés are… well… cliché – March certainly did come in like a lion and out like a lamb!  We had some high points and some low points.  Here’s my summary of progress so far.  You can check out all my temperature blanket posts here.

As a reminder, my temperature blanket is based on the daily average temperature each day (24 hour period – midnight to midnight) – the colour of the row is decided by the temperature.  In the picture above, January 1 is on the right and March 31 is on the left.

Here’s my colour chart for reference:

The yarn I’m using is Loops & Threads Impeccable Solids from Michaels Canada.

Temperature-wise I didn’t find this month as “exciting” as February – there was a cold spell, then a decent temperature spike, a lot of variation up and down but generally a lot warmer at the end of the month!  What’s cool about the blanket is the size.  It’s starting to get big!  Overall measurements are 29″ long… still on track for a 9.5′ long blanket.  The width is King Size comforter.

I’ve been tying in the loose ends ~once per week so they don’t get too out of control.  Weaving in loose ends is the most tedious part of a project so it’s good not to have to do a ton of it at the very end!!

I’m excited to see the progression into the lighter colours – I have 4 different shades of green and a beautiful yellow that should carry me through spring and into summer.  There are also some daylilies popping through in my garden so I’m excited for spring gardening season!

I’ll check back in at the start of May to give my monthly summary.

Happy crafting!

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