Temperature Blanket – February Summary

February has come and gone, check out how the month progressed for my 2017 Temperature Blanket!  The headlines of February include… wildly varying temperatures day-to-day and a HEAT WAVE!  You can check out all my Temperature Blanket posts here.

Variation in Temperature

My colour chart (shown below for reference) has each colour covering 3-4 degrees Celcius (~7-10 degrees Farenheit).  In February, in Southwestern Ontario, I had a whopping 9 days in a row where the colour changed!  That’s pretty incredible, especially when comparing it to January’s big chunks of stripes due to consistent weather.

Check out the variation of the colours on the left end of this picture (which is February), compared to the right (January):

Heat Wave!

This is quite unusual for February, but it got quite mild at the end of the month!  But don’t worry – typical Canada went ahead and got cold again now that March has started, brrr!  I had a peak daily temperature of over 9 degrees celcius.  Now, remember, my daily temperature is based on the average for the entire 24 hour period so that means an average of 9 degrees over the whole day, including night when temperatures drop!  I got to break into the green shades on the blanket, which I didn’t really expect until late March or early April.

You can see the heat wave in the lower left corner of this photo – lighter blues and even some green!

Sizing Update

The size of the blanket is going to be massive, it’s as wide as a King size bedspread (~200 stitches with a size 7 mm hook).  2 months in and it’s almost 19 inches long.  If you extrapolate that, the blanket will be 9.5′ by the end of December… yikes!  I’m onto my second ball of 3 colours (royal blue, navy blue, teal) so we will see what the final yardage ends up being.

You can check on my yardage as I go via my Ravelry project here.  I update it whenever I start a new skein.


Here’s the thing – doing one row a day is pretty amazing.  It lets me appreciate the changes in weather and really reflect on it daily, which I normally don’t even think about!  I sit down after the kids go to bed and do my one row (sometimes 2 if I’ve missed a day) to wind down.  I really love it!

Happy crafting my friends!

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