Temperature Blanket – January Summary

Checking in to show progress of my 2017 temperature blanket project, where I do one row per day with the row colour based on the average temperature for the day!

So… it’s been 31 days since I started my temperature blanket project.  Catch up on the blog posts here.  I had a rough start – had to change my original plan because I wasn’t in love with it when I first started out – but I’m so excited about it now!  I can’t wait to keep it going as the weather hopefully gets a bit warmer!

For reference, here is my colour chart:

And here is my workbook for the month based on the weather data!  All I do is click refresh and it pulls the data, populates the average and colour codes it for me.  I love technology!

That one day that was warm enough for Aqua… AMAZING!  Since I do the average temperature of the whole 24 hour period, it takes a lot to get the warmer temperatures during winter, even though it’s quite mild.

Check out my picture dump below – loving this blanket so far!  The colours are perfect and I’ve used a whole ball of teal so far… It’s huge, I was aiming for it to be the size of a double bed comforter but it’s actually closer to King bed sized!  Each row takes me a about 10 minutes, I do the previous day’s row after the kiddos are in bed as part of my ritual.

Happy crafting my friends!

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