Baby Bear Set

Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I made a baby set.  I’m sharing the “recipe” (not quite a full pattern) here for you.  The set was used in a baby photo shoot and I am OVER THE MOON about how they turned out!


My cousin sent me a picture of a cute outfit and I replicated it from the pic for her baby shower.  It’s SO sweet!  Here is the picture I referenced, unfortunately the item is no longer in stock on Etsy so I can’t credit the creator.  If you know whose pattern it is, let me know so I can give proper credit!  All photos below are from the set I made – I didn’t write down a pattern give a “recipe” for the items if people want to know roughly how they were constructed!


Pattern “Recipe”


The Onesie:

I made the onesie by making an appliqué of the bear and then hand sewing it onto the onesie.  It’s made with sc using standard increases of 6 sc per round for the face and nose, then constructed the ears as small circles, sewed them onto the face and did the eyes, nose and mouth with the embroidery thread.  I used brown thread to sew around the outside to attach it to the onesie.

The Hat:
The base of the hat was made with dc, with standard increases of 12 st per round.  I think I made it increase until there were 40 st per round as that would work out to ~14″ circumference with my gauge.  Once it was close to long enough I did a few rounds of sc.  Then I made 2 sc circles for each ear (1 brown, 1 grey) and joined them with a round of sc in grey and sewed them in place.  Easy peasy!


The Pants:
For these I made the band first, working vertically.  I tried a couple different methods but ultimately decided to do rows of sc in the back loops only to create the rib.  Then I joined the grey and worked top-down in double crochet.  Once I got to the crotch I shaped the legs, finishing off with a couple rounds of sc and doing some sc2tog in the last round.  Then I picked up the second leg and did the same thing.


The Booties:
The booties weren’t in the picture, but I wanted to complete the outfit and my husband said “make little shoes with bear claws on them”.  I think he was jokingly suggesting I put sharp nails on it, but I took the idea anyways and put little bear prints on the bottom!  The booties were made freeform, started with a ch on the sole, worked both sides of the ch to make an oval sole, then did back loops only to form the shoe base and did some stuff in the round.  I don’t remember the exact stitches, obviously!  I used sc normally but on the ends I used some sl st, hdc and dc as well to help make the shape.  Then I formed the bottom pieces and sewed them in place with the tapestry needle.

The whole outfit turned out so great and I am so excited to see pictures of my new little cousin wearing it!!  If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them in the comments!  Please please please if you find the owner of the original pattern that the pin was based on, please let me know so I can give credit and link to the pattern!

Happy crafting!


Note this blog post was originally posted in my old blog.  You can find the original post here.